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RaceInsure Race Cancellation Insurance for Running & Walking Races
    Purchase RaceInsure Race Cancellation Insurance for Running & Walking Races
    • RaceInsure Race Cancellation Insurance for Running & Walking Races

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    RaceInsure is a distance running and walking race cancellation insurance program that was built by race directors, for race directors. 

    As race directors, we invest an enormous effort and take painstaking detail to ensure that every race day variable goes in our favor. 

    For the variables we cannot control on race day - a vehicle accident or house fire on the race route, bomb threat, severe and dangerous weather, earthquakes, wild fires - we use event cancellation insurance as our backstop. 

    Thanks to RaceInsure, even if the worst case scenario occurs... we must cancel our race... we are absolutely confident that all of our vendors will be paid and participant's entry fees are refunded. In the end, we retain and improve our goodwill and trust within the distance running community, as well as remove the financial risk of race cancellation from our balance sheets.
    How do I get proof of insurance?
    Once you complete the purchase process, a confirmation email will automatically be sent to you that summarizes the insurance coverage that was purchased. 
    You will also have the opportunity to print your evidence of insurance at the checkout screen. 
    A copy of the full policy form can be viewed by clicking HERE

    Who do I contact, and how, if I have to make a claim?
    *Program Administrator: HCC Specialty
    *Email Address:
    *Phone Number: 781-994-6000

    What does the cancellation policy insure?
    This coverage pays for the loss of revenue if your event must be canceled, abandoned, curtailed, postponed or relocated for reasons beyond your control, 
    as per the terms and conditions of the Policy. 

    Is the weather covered for cancellation?
    Yes. Coverage is included for severe adverse weather defined as conditions that pose a serious threat to the safety of those attending, participating or setting-up for the insured event, and/or makes it physically impossible to use the venue due to the physical damage to the venue or inaccessibility to the venue. 
    (For example: It does not cover simply rainfall)

    What are some other common covered perils?
    Common perils include acts/threats of terrorism, earthquakes, wildfires, blackouts, etc. Subject to the full terms and conditions of the Policy. 

    What is not covered?
    Common exclusions include communicable disease (ex: COVID-19), war, nuclear hazard, financial failure, fraud, lack of support, and pre-existing circumstances. 
    Subject to the full terms and conditions of the Policy. 

    Still have questions? 
    Call Scott at 508-304-6106 or email him at
    *The race that is to be insured must be a client of an approved online registration provider. 

    *Coverage cannot be bound within 15-days of the event start date. 

    *Coverage cannot be bound before 1-year of the event start date. 

    *Insurance will not be bound until 100% of premium is received by carrier.

    *No refund of premium within 15-days of event start date. 

    *Minimum per-event premium is $165.

    *Maximum per-event insurance benefit is $100,000. 

    *Claims must be reported to the carrier by email within 24-hours of public cancellation announcement or event start time, whichever is earliest.

    *The maximum that the carrier will pay, is the dollar value of the insurance purchased, as indicated in the evidence of insurance. 

    *Race Director/Owner cannot over-insure themselves. Despite the value of insurance purchased, the most the carrier will pay will be tied to the actual loss.

    *Only the Race Director or Race Owner is eligible to purchase RaceInsure. 
    Should you need to file a claim, please send an email to

    Please attach a copy of your evidence of insurance to the email and include the following information in the body:
    *Name of race. 
    *Race date. 
    *Race director's full name, phone number and email address. 
    *Reason for cancellation. 

    If you are unsure if you should file a claim or have a coverage question, please call Scott at 508-304-6106 or email him at