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This shouldn't be complicated, so we made it simple. Get insurance for your next race in minutes.

Instant COI Access

Last minute certificate of insurance request? Easy! Just log into RaceInsure, type in the name of the city or venue… voila! Never a fee. Always at your fingertips.

Easily Share your Policy

Policies are immediately available for you to download! Once you complete the purchase, download your policies and share them with your teammates.

Instant Event Renewal

Is it next year already? With a few taps or clicks, your race is insured and certificates of insurance are updated!

Multi-event Management

Each race that you insure through RaceInsure is saved in your profile - making it easy for the race director and their team to access policies and create certificates of insurance.

“RaceInsure is a simple and easy way for us to secure race liability insurance. Should we have a question, someone from RaceInsure is always quick to respond.”

Richard Clark

Buffalo-Erie Marathon Association

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Insurance Through a Trusted Carrier
Write Your Own Certificates of Insurance - 24/7
Blanket Additional Insured
Limits of Insurance You Need
Participant & Spectator Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Coverage
Host Liquor Liability Is Included
You Buy an Actual Insurance Policy
Cost of Insurance is Fully Earned at Time of Purchase
“This is the Insurance I Buy for My Races” - Scott Sutter

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